Calculation of Lennard-Jones (6-12) potential

Calculation of Lennard-Jones (6-12) potential

1Parameters of the Lennard-Jones Potential:σ*10^m-
2Parameters of the Lennard-Jones Potential:ε/kBK. or ε(kJ/mol)-
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5Number of gridlines of Graph x-axis, y-axis -
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Lennard-Jones (6-12) potential,Parameter,Separation,Boltzmann constant


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・Lennard-Jones (6-12) potential:Eb
・Parameter of the Lennard-Jones Potential:σ.『σ is the minimal distance between the interacting particles at which Eb= 0.』(Reference[5])
・Parameter of the Lennard-Jones Potential:ε.『ε is a parameter characterizing the depth of the potential well』(Reference[5])
・Boltzmann constant:kB(=1.3806504*10^-23(J/K))
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