Calculation of Tension of Overhead Power Line

Calculation of Tension of Overhead Power Line

1Distance between two overhead line supports:Sm-
2Tension of Power Line at t0(℃):T0kgf-
3Temperature of Power Line:t0-
4Cross section of Power Line:Amm^2-
5Elastic Modulus of Power Line:Ekgf/mm^2-
6Slack of Power Line:Dm-
7Slack of Power Line in Tension T0(kgf):D0m-
8Linear expansion coefficient of Power Line:α*10^/℃-
9Temperature of Power Line:t-
10Graph -
11Plot Input Data , Figure:-
12Number of gridlines of Graph x-axis, y-axis -
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[1]: 松本雅行:『電気鉄道 第2版』.pp.131-132、森北出版


・Distance between two overhead line supports:S(m)
・Tension of Power Line at t0(℃):T0(kgf)
・Temperature of Power Line:t0(℃)
・Cross section of Power Line:A(mm^2)
・Elastic Modulus of Power Line:E(kgf/mm^2)
・Slack of Power Line:D(m)
・Slack of Power Line in Tension T0(kgf):D0(m)
・Linear expansion coefficient of Power Line:α(/℃)
・Temperature of Power Line:t(℃)
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