Calculation of Elastic Buckling Load considering Shear Deformation.
※Both ends Clamped support


Elastic Buckling Load,Shear Deformation,Both ends Clamped support,Effective length factor,Young's modulus,Second moment of area,Elastic shear modulus.


・『構造力学公式集 昭和61年版』(社団法人 土木学会).
・『The Shear Coefficient in Timoshenko's Beam Theory』(G.R.COWPER).


・PE=π^2*E*I/(K*l)^2.In the case that ignore Shear Deformation.
・Pcr=PE/(1+PE/(G*κ*A)).In the case that considering Shear Deformation.
・A:Cross sectional area of column.
・G:Elastic shear modulus.G=E/(2*(1+γ)).γ:Poisson's ratio.
・κ:Shear Coefficient.κ=∫1/(k^2/A)・dA. k=τ*A/Q.τ:Shear stress.
-Shear Coefficient is 『The ratio of the average shear strain on a section to the shear strain at the centroid』(Reference:『The Shear Coefficients in Timoshenko's Beam Theory』.)


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