Calculation of Fourier Acceleration Spectra by statistical green's functions.
※At the Upper Boundary of Seismic Bedrock,Shear waves.


Statistical green's functions,Fourier Acceleration Spectra,Radiation Pattern,Amplitude on the free surface,PRTITN,Density of Seismic bedrock,S-Wave Velocity of Seismic bedrock,Corner Frequency,Cutoff Frequency,Hypocenter Distance,Seismic Moment,Quality factor.


[1]:『Stochastic simulation of high-frequency ground motions based on seismological models of the radiated spectra』Boore,D.M.(1983).
[2]:『最新の地盤震動研究を活かした強震波形の作成法』(社団法人 日本建築学会).


・『PRTITN is the reduction factor that accounts for the partitioning of energy into two horizontal components.』(Reference[1]).
・Quality factor:Scattering Attenuation and Intrinsic Absorption.
・『s controls the decay rate at high frequencies.』(Reference[1]).
・Constant C=Rθφ*FS*PRTITN/(4*π*ρ*β^3).
・Fourier Acceleration Spectra:A(m/s)=Constant C*M0*ω^2/(1+(ω/ωc)^2)*1/(1+(ω/ωmax)^(2*s))^0.5*e^(-ω*R/(2*Q*β))/R.