Calculation of Variation of Visual Acuity and Resolvable Visual Angle by Luminance Consrast and Background Luminance(Adaptation Luminance).


Visual Acuity,Background Luminance,Adaptation Luminance,Resolvable Visual Angle,Landolt Ring,Threshold Background Luminance,Threshold Luminance Contrast.


[2]:『Visual Acuity as aFunction of Luminance Contrast of Landolt Rings and Adaptation Luminance』(Koichi Ikeda・Koji Noda・Shoichiro Yamaguchi).


・Approximate Curve for Visual Acuity based on Landolt Ring.VA=L/(1.6293*C^-0.3234*(0.8034*C^-0.1876+L^(1/4))^4).Reference[2].
・ 『As the luminance contrast of the test objects can not be discriminated below a certain adaptation luminance,the visual acuity is not defined and the above equations do not hold below this luminance.This threshold luminance is expressed as a function of the luminance contrast;i.e., L=2.974*C^-1.7234(cd/m2)』.Reference[2].


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