Calculation of Bending Moment,Shear Force,Amount of Deflection,Angle of Inclination Slope.
※Single span-Cantilever beam-Moment Load at tip division of beam-Lateral load


Moment Load at tip division of beam,Lateral load,Effective length factor,Young's modulus,Geometric moment of inertia,Buckling load,Reaction force,Shear force,Bending moment,Deflection,Angle of inclination slope,Bend stress,Single span beam,Cantilever beam.


[1]:社団法人土木学会:『構造力学公式集 昭和61年版』,p.182,1986.


・K:Effective length factor , Ne:Buckling load , E:Young's modulus , I:Geometric moment of inertia , Z:Modulus of section , RA,RB,MB:Reaction force , Q:Shear force , M:Bending moment , ω:Amount of Deflection , θ:Angle of inclination slope , σ:Bend stress.
・Above figure is copied from Reference[1].
・Buckling load:Ne=π^2*E*I/(K*l)^2.