Calculation of Bending Moment,Shear Force,Amount of Deflection,Angle of Inclination Slope.
※Single span-Beams with One End Clamped and Other End Simply Supported-Moment Load at tip division of beam-Lateral load


Moment Load at tip division of beam,Lateral load,Effective length factor,Young's modulus,Geometric moment of inertia,Buckling load,Reaction force,Shear force,Bending moment,Deflection,Angle of inclination slope,Bend stress,Single span beam,Beams with One End Clamped and Other End Simply Supported.


[1]:社団法人土木学会:『構造力学公式集 昭和61年版』,p.182,1986.


・K:Effective length factor , Ne:Buckling load , E:Young's modulus , I:Geometric moment of inertia , Z:Modulus of section , RA,RB,MB:Reaction force , Q:Shear force , M:Bending moment , ω:Amount of Deflection , θ:Angle of inclination slope , σ:Bend stress.
・Above figure is copied from Reference[1].
・Buckling load:Ne=π^2*E*I/(K*l)^2.