Calculation of Extreme Coherent Gust


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[1]:Japanese Industrial Standards Committee:『Wind turbine generator systems-Part 1 : Safety requirements』,JISC1400-1:2001


・Vcg:Amplitude of Extreme coherent gust in all rotor area.
・Vhub:10 minutes average wind speed at Hub height.
・LaTex: \\V\left ( z,t \right )\\=\begin{cases} & V\left ( z \right ),\text{ if } t< 0 \\ & V\left ( z \right )+0.5V_{cg}\left ( 1-\cos\left ( \frac{\pi t}{T} \right ) \right ),\text{ if } 0\leq t\leq T\\ & V\left ( z \right )+V_{cg},\text{ if } t> T \end{cases}\\\\V\left ( z \right )=V_{hub}\left ( \frac{z}{z_{hub}} \right )^{\alpha }
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