Calculation of Incidence angle to Photovoltaic array and Solar altitude


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[1]:Joakim Widén:『Distributed Photovoltaics in the Swedish Energy System』,2009
[2]:Japanese Industrial Standards Committee:『Estimation method of generating electric energy by PV power system』JISC8907:2005


・LST:Local Srandard Time.
・h:Solar altitude.
・γ:Azmiuth angle of Photovoltaic array.East(-),West(+).
・β:Tilt of Photovoltaic array.
・δ:Declination of Sun.North(+),Siuth(-).
・ω:Hour angle.『the angular displacement of the sun relative to the local meridian, zero at noon』.Afternoon(+),Before noon(-).
・θ:Incidence angle to Photovoltaic array.
・LaTex: \\h=\sin^{-1}(\sin\delta\sin\phi +\cos\delta \cos\phi\cos\omega )\\\theta =\cos^{-1}(\sin\delta \sin\phi \cos\beta-\sin\delta \cos\phi \sin\beta \cos\gamma \\+\cos\delta \cos\phi\cos\beta \cos\omega +\cos\delta \sin\phi \sin\beta \cos\gamma \cos\omega \\+\cos\delta *\sin\beta \sin\gamma \sin\omega )
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